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Somebody holds the key

First things first:  Before I launch into my observations about the wedding planning experience thus far, I wanted to share the story of our anniversary, April 26, which by lucky coincidence also happens to be our wedding date. We didn’t force it, but we already were thinking about a spring wedding, and our special day just happened to fall on a Saturday in 2008, so we took it as a sign. However, had April 26, 2008, not been a Saturday, we just would have picked a random Saturday in April, May, or June, and let it go at that.

April 26, 2002 is the day that my fiance and I count from. We had first met the previous summer at a Los Lobos concert, and we went out for our “first date” in mid-April, but I like to think that April 26 was the day that both of us truly realized we had found something worth exploring. It was also the date of a momentous Widespread Panic show at Oak Mountain in Pelham, Alabama, the first Panic show we attended together, and the last Panic show we attended together before the original lead guitarist, Mikey Houser, succumbed to pancreatic cancer. The two of us had attended some of the same shows in the past, but at this one we were alone together, away from our larger group of friends. We had traveled down to Oak Mountain separately – me at the last minute, having decided after two great shows in Raleigh the previous weekend that I needed to go to Oak Mountain too, because the rumors among the hardcore fanbase suggested that these might be Mikey’s last shows at Oak Mountain, and sadly, they were – but we ended up with extra tickets from a mutual friend that were right next to each other. There was a massive downpour right before showtime, which was alarming, especially for a girl who had thrown caution to the wind and "called in sick" from a parking lot in Pelham that morning, but the weather cleared up just in time, prompting the lead singer John Bell (usually and henceforth known as JB) to welcome the crowd with the words, “Bless all your soggy warm hearts for coming out tonight.” 

The concert was superb, with impassioned playing from all involved, and a fantastic setlist – a great mix of the light and uplifting and the dark and dirty, the classic originals and the new originals, the regular covers and the rare covers, including a bustout “Werewolves of London”, which hadn’t been played since 1996 and seemed particularly appropriate under the full moon. The encore featured a beautiful, heart-wrenching cover of Blind Faith’s “Can’t Find My Way Home”, a song with lyrics that resonate with both me and my fiance, as we are wanderer-types who also have a deep appreciation for the comforts of home.  As our relationship blossomed in the following weeks and months, I kept thinking back to those lyrics…

You are the reason I’ve been waiting so long
Somebody holds the key

At that point in my life, I really hadn’t been “waiting” very long, as I was only 22, and I had ended a serious relationship of four years soon after I graduated college the previous summer. On the other hand, my fiance is five years older than I am, and he had never been in a really serious relationship, so the longer ours continued, the more I liked to flatter myself that perhaps I was the reason he had waited so long. Regardless, I love the idea of one significant other “holding the key” to the other’s mysteries – I suppose it’s not a particularly esoteric reference, but it’s a bit more subtle than Madonna’s “Open Your Heart” – which, in the interest of full disclosure, I must admit I loved as a child.   

Anyway, that's the story of our beginning. I gave my new boyfriend a framed fan poster from the concert for our first Christmas together, which will always have a special place wherever we live. I was delighted when we realized that April 26 is a Saturday in 2008, as I would be sorry to trade this anniversary for another day and lose the personal significance.



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Jul. 25th, 2007 04:37 pm (UTC)
I completely understand how you feel. I knew that if I wanted to have my wedding at the restaurant, it would have to be on a sunday, as that is the slowest day of the week and would lose us the least amount of money by closing. I knew that I wanted a fall wedding. And since Ryan had proposed to me on our second anniversary of the day that we were abandoned by friends in a bar and forced to admit our mutual attraction, we had a year to plan, and September 18th happened to be on a Sunday that year, so we went for it, and got married on our third anniversary. I love that fact of it, makes the day doubly special.
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